Oil Changes in West Islip, NY at Atlantic Hyundai

Do you need an oil change in West Islip, NY? At Atlantic Hyundai, we offer fast, convenient and affordable oil changes for drivers all over Babylon, Bay Shore and Brentwood, NY, making it easier and faster than ever for drivers to get their oil changed and back on the roads around Lindenhurst, NY with complete confidence knowing their engine is properly protected. While there's no exact mileage that you need to travel in order to be ready for an oil change, it's important that you monitor the mileage intervals laid out for you in your owner's manual or since your last oil change. It may seem like something that can wait until tomorrow, but it's important that your vehicle has the proper amount of clean motor oil in the engine to keep it performing at the highest level long into the future.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Motor oil is often referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle because of the way it works to keep your engine performing the way it was engineered to. Motor oil has three main functions in upholding the performance of your vehicle. The first is by protecting the engine and its many moving components from intruding dirt, debris and other pollutants. This dirt can come off the road or be in the air, but if it gets in your engine, it can be harmful. That's why the motor oil traps said debris and filters it out through the oil filter, keeping clean oil circulating through your engine. When you wait too long to change your oil, the oil level can go down, leaving not enough oil to properly protect your engine, and it can start to gunk up because of how dirty it is. The other two functions of motor oil are equally as important, being that it also works to lubricate and cool down the many moving parts to keep them moving properly and prevent them from overheating. When you wait too long to change your oil, your engine can become less effective and efficient before failing altogether. Rather than pay a lot of money to repair or replace your engine, we encourage drivers in Deer Park, NY and Central Islip, NY to get their oil changed in our West Islip service center today.

How Do I Know That I Need an Oil Change?

There are a few easy ways to tell that it's time to get your motor oil changed. The first, and simplest, is if your low oil light is on. This light is an indicator that there isn't enough motor oil in the oil bay, but it won't always alert you to if your oil is too dirty. That's why we suggest checking for yourself using the dipstick provided in your engine. The dipstick lets you check the oil level and you can see if it's clear or black and dirty when you use a rag to wipe the dipstick off. You can also tell by checking your owner's manual to see what the suggested miles traveled between oil changes are or follow the suggested mileage interval set in place the last time you got your oil changed.

Take Advantage of a Quick and Convenient Oil Change at Atlantic Hyundai Today!

If you need your oil changed in West Islip, we invite you to schedule an oil change appointment online or join us in our service center today! You can also purchase motor oil in our parts center to do it yourself at home. When you join us at the dealership, we encourage you to check out our large selection of new Hyundai models and used vehicles to explore your many options for which vehicle is the best fit for you! If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us today with all your questions and concerns.