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Atlantic Hyundai is your Hybrid & Electric EV vehicle headquarters.  Our team is ready and willing to help address any of your Hybrid & EV questions. We're here to help you by going over every option clearly, and will work hard to find the vehicle that will work for you.
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Use Less Gas and Release Fewer Emissions with a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle in Deer Park

With gas prices this high, it only makes sense to drive a car that uses little or no fuel. Atlantic Hyundai offers Deer Park, NY drivers a tremendous selection of hybrid and electric vehicles that can help them cut their gas expenses. They can also reduce carbon emissions for a lesser impact on the environment. If you're not sure which electrified car is for you, keep reading to learn about our "green" vehicle options.

New Hyundai EVs

The newest electrified vehicle in the Hyundai lineup is the all-new Hyundai Ioniq 5. This small electric crossover comes with a standard-range battery and a single, rear-mounted electric motor that produces 168 horsepower. People in Central Islip, NY who want swifter acceleration will prefer the all-wheel drive Ioniq 5. When properly equipped, this version can catapult from 0 to 60 mph in just over five seconds.

Another all-electric SUV to consider is the new Hyundai Kona EV. This subcompact crossover comes with a 150-kW electric motor that gives it plenty of zip. Deer Park drivers will appreciate that the Kona EV has a 258-mile range on a full charge.

Difference Between Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs)

If you're concerned about range limitations on electric vehicles, try getting a hybrid. Regular hybrid cars have an electric motor and a gas engine that work either independently or concurrently to power the vehicle. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are similar to hybrids, except that they have a bigger electric motor that allows them to run a certain distance on purely electric power. People in Central Islip will appreciate that a plug-in hybrid's battery can be recharged at home or at a public charging station.

Hyundai Hybrid Vehicles

If you want a standard hybrid, we have several to choose from at Atlantic Hyundai. The new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is a compact SUV that earns up to 38 mpg when properly equipped. If you need a bigger SUV, the midsized Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid gets up to 36 mpg in the city. Deer Park drivers who pack a lot of suitcases or sports equipment in their vehicle will like that the Santa Fe Hybrid has more than 72 cubic feet of total cargo space.

Hyundai hybrid sedans you may find at Atlantic Hyundai include the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid and the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. People in Central Islip who want better gas mileage will appreciate that the Elantra Hybrid gets 53 mpg in the city and 56 mpg on the highway.

Hyundai Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

The new Hyundai Ioniq is available in both hybrid and plug-in hybrid form. Plug-in hybrid Ioniq models have an all-electric driving range of 29 miles on a full charge. If you want an all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid model, we suggest the new Hyundai Tucson PHEV. People in Deer Park will like it can go 33 miles on a full charge. If you need a roomier SUV, try the Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid. This midsize PHEV gets get 76 MPG-equivalent in combined city/highway driving under electric power.

These are just some of the hybrid and electric vehicles you may find in the oft-changing new inventory at Atlantic Hyundai. Visit our dealership to test drive an electrified Hyundai today.