Tune Ups & Scheduled Maintenance

Tune Ups & Scheduled Maintenance

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Get your car tuned up right at Atlantic Hyundai today with incredible results!

Reliable Tune-ups & Scheduled Maintenance

It can be a difficult task to find someone who will service your vehicle correctly for an affordable price, but Atlantic Hyundai in West Islip is here to mitigate the challenges of the market and give you the fair opportunity you deserve with fantastic results! We are in the business of getting you tuned up and ready to roll with certified mechanics who are knowledgeable in their application from start to finish. We take special consideration of your vehicle and make things flow much smoother. When it's time for your tune-up, take your car to Atlantic Hyundai to get things up to speed so you can roll off into the sunset. If you require some more extensive maintenance, then we also offer this so you can get the more critical components of your car running efficiently and reliably.

Get tuned up for summer travel!

Summer is here, and it's time to travel to your favorite destination for a fun-filled excursion away from home. However, you won't get very far if your vehicle isn't in the right condition to handle extensive travel. Many people embark on journeys they aren't prepared for and assume that their car will last, only to be greeted with a major surprise when their car breaks down. If you get a proper tune-up at Atlantic Hyundai, it will ensure that your engine isn't running too hot and that you have AC that will function properly throughout the entire journey. Sometimes people leave and then realize that their coolant was low and have to endure scorching temperatures when this could have been circumvented. The best way to handle your car before a trip is to take it into our trusted dealership to get things tuned up and working properly for greater longevity so you can remain secure around Central Islip, NY.

The right parts for the Job

We have a plethora of reliable parts at Atlantic Hyundai and are looking forward to extending our services to your vehicle so that you can enjoy long car rides to the beach this summer. You will benefit greatly from the various parts we offer, such as replacement light bulbs, oil filters, new tires, rims, mufflers, and even a new engine if you want to be extra secure. We can gauge your engine health and test certain other components to ensure there aren't any detrimental leaks before you hit the road. This will ensure that you have a smooth vacation and enjoy a reliable vehicle that won't let you down. Why take the risk and set off on a course your vehicle might not be prepared for? If you knew that it wasn't ready, then you would have taken it in, so it's better safe than sorry in this instance, so make the right decision!

Used and New Hyundai Inventory

We have used Hyundai models in our inventory, and you might find options to consider, such as the Elantra Limited, Elantra SE, Veloster Turbo, and many other used options that are both reliable and durable for your summer excursions. If you're feeling like a fresh experience, consider some newer models like the brand new Elantra this year or the SE or N Line options. We have a wide selection for you to browse and you will surely find the right car for your travels. There is wonderful technology and safety features to consider here, and they will allow you to cruise with style. Whether you're in Babylon or Bay Shore, contact Atlantic Hyundai today to get your car services and check out some of our used and new Hyundai models that might be a perfect fit!