Parts Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Parts Questions

Buying new or used parts in Lindenhurst, NY, can be a challenging process. We want to make that experience easier by answering a range of frequently asked parts questions. Hopefully, you can find some helpful information here.

Should I Buy OEM Parts?

In almost every situation, a part from the original manufacturer will be better than any other option. These parts will be sure to work for your vehicle and usually come under warranty.

Should I Get Aftermarket Auto Parts?

The hard part about aftermarket parts is that there is no guarantee. You could easily buy the wrong piece for your vehicle. If you can buy an OEM part, that will usually benefit you more than any aftermarket possibility.

Which Parts Are Most Expensive to Repair?

Some standard repairs that can lead to a higher bill are brake lines and catalytic converters. These are more intensive repairs, leading to higher prices in the end. Even though these repairs are expensive, they are essential for your safety.

When Should You Request OEM Parts?

When you have a new vehicle in Brentwood, NY, it is always smart to request OEM parts for your repairs. These are sure to work effectively and keep your car running correctly.

Who Installs Aftermarket Parts?

Most aftermarket parts are installed by the owner of the vehicle. When working with dealerships or mechanics, you are often going to find OEM parts.

What Car Parts Are Covered or Not Covered by Warranty?

Usually, standard warranties will cover a range of maintenance and repairs. This includes the parts for those services. Components that are not often covered by standard warranties are things like tires, batteries, and brake pads.

Should I Buy Car Parts from Amazon?

Amazon has partnered with a range of popular parts manufacturers. So, you can find many quality car parts on the Amazon website. If you have done your research and know you are choosing the right part, it doesn't hurt to buy from Amazon.

Can You Purchase Auto Parts at the Car Dealer?

Yes, you can purchase whatever you need from our parts department. This is just another way that Atlantic Hyundai serves customers from here to Deer Park, NY, area.

Can You Bring Your Own Parts to the Dealer?

While you can bring your own parts to a mechanic, it is generally accepted that you don't when working with a dealer. There are a few reasons most dealers won't allow you to bring your own parts, including liability.

Where Do I Buy New Auto Parts?

Our onsite parts department is an excellent example of where you should buy new auto parts. We have a professional staff with the needed experience for successful service.

Where Do I Buy Used Auto Parts?

Most dealership's parts departments can also offer used parts. If you don't need the warranties or the part is simple enough to buy used, ask your local dealership for service!

How Do I Choose Between OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts?

OEM parts are made directly by the manufacturer. This is a guarantee that aftermarket parts generally don't have. While some aftermarket options can get the job done, especially for older cars, you often want to choose an OEM option.

What is a Refurbished Auto Part?

When a used auto part is redone to fit industry standards, it is generally called a refurbished part. This helps provide a bit more reliability when shopping for used options.

What is the Difference Between Remanufactured, Refurbished, and Rebuilt Auto Parts?

Often these three steps get confused for one another. A rebuilt part usually means that the only thing replaced was what malfunctioned. A refurbished auto part is cleaned and made to look more like new. When you choose a remanufactured option, you can trust that the part has been 100% tested to industry standards.

What Advice Do I Need When Shopping for Used Auto Parts?

The most significant piece of advice when shopping for used auto parts is to do your research. You should make sure you know exactly what your vehicle needs and who you are getting that part from.

What Do I Do with Old or Defective Auto Parts I No Longer Need?

There is a range of options for your old or defective parts. The best thing you could do is try to recycle. Often, there are locations around your community that take in old car parts and dispose of them correctly.

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If you still have more questions about parts for your car, call or visit us today. The professionals at our onsite parts department are happy to help you throughout the process!

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