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Help Your Hyundai Vehicle Give You the Reliability It's Famous For with Regular Oil Changes

Hyundai is known for a lot of great qualities, but one of them is long-term reliability. Of course, if you're a Hyundai owner, you already know how important it is to give your Hyundai vehicle the regular maintenance and high-quality Hyundai service it needs to keep performing reliably. And one of the most important services your Hyundai vehicle needs is a regular oil change in West Islip, NY at Atlantic Hyundai.

After all, it just makes sense to get your Hyundai vehicle's oil changed by our factory-trained technicians. At Atlantic Hyundai, you'll get fresh new oil as well as fluid checks done by experts who know your Hyundai model inside and out. If they notice any other important maintenance or repair service your vehicle needs, they will tell you what they see and help you decide whether it's best to take action now or whether it can wait.

When it comes to oil changes or any other maintenance or repair, it pays to count on Hyundai expertise, based on the same service standards and specifications used to build your Hyundai model in the first place. That's exactly what you get when you have your Hyundai vehicle serviced at Atlantic Hyundai.

The Importance of Getting a Regular Oil Change in Babylon or Bay Shore, NY

No matter what kind of Hyundai vehicle you drive, the most vital maintenance priority of all is getting the oil changed at regular intervals, as specified by Hyundai factory recommendations. Driving with insufficient or dirty oil is one of the most common reasons that engines from any manufacturer can live shorter lives. How often should you get your oil changed? It used to be that every 3,000 miles was the recommended cycle for most cars. Today, thanks to advanced lubrication, you can often go longer before your next oil change in Brentwood NY.

The best route is to check your Hyundai owner's manual to see what oil change frequency your vehicle needs. Of course, our experienced service professionals can advise you on all those details at Atlantic Hyundai. While many automotive experts suggest changing your oil every 7,500 miles, it's best to decide the right frequency by discussing your driving style with one of our technicians. Depending on the quantity and kinds of miles you drive, you may need to change engine oil every 4,500-5,000 miles rather than the 7,500 miles some people suggest.

And when you get an oil change in Lindenhurst NY or Central Islip NY, it's also important for us us to change other vital fluids regularly in your Hyundai sedan or SUV. That includes transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid. We can advise you on those service intervals as well.

We Have Lots of Ways to Keep Your Hyundai Vehicle Running Like New

Like anything else you own, your Hyundai model will perform better when it's properly cared for. An essential part of taking care of your vehicle is routine maintenance for all critical components. At Atlantic Hyundai, we'll help you follow the service schedule in your Hyundai owner's manual to make sure your vehicle keeps running safely and reliably.

The whole reason we offer on-site Hyundai service and parts departments is because caring for your Hyundai vehicle is so important to us at Atlantic Hyundai. Our Service Center is staffed with Hyundai professionals who are trained to maintain and repair every Hyundai model the way it's intended to be serviced.

Schedule an Oil Change in West Islip, NY at Atlantic Hyundai Today

Take good care of your Hyundai vehicle and it will take good care of you. The right place to do that, of course, is at Atlantic Hyundai in West Islip, NY. Whatever Hyundai SUV or sedan you're driving, keep it running well by calling or visiting us online to schedule an appointment today.

Repeated short distance trips

Like to the store or school and back

Driving in dusty conditions

Winds often move dust more than we realize

Corrosive driving condtions

Driving in areas where salt of other corrosive materials are being used

Extensive use of brakes

Been in rush-hour traffic lately?

Rugged conditions

Driving on rough or muddy roads

Inclines and elevation

Driving in mountainous areas

Idling and low speeds

Extended periods of idling or low speed operation. Again, rush hour?

Hot urban driving conditions

More than 50% driving in heavy city traffic in above 90 degree weather

Check you owner's manual to see what grade and viscosity of oil and change frequency your vehicle needs and occasionally confirm that the oil is at its optimal level.

Based on all your combined driving habits, you may need to change the oil more frequently (every 4,500-5,000 miles may be more appropriate than the normal 6,000-7,500 miles). 
Spending the money and taking the time to get oil changes when recommended by the manufacturer can save lots in the long-run. 

Other benefits include:

And finally, setting a regular oil change maintenance schedule can serve as a benchmark for when other maintenance needs are to be met. 

Start by scheduling your oil change today at your local Hyundai dealer. 

They will include a free, quick Multi Point Inspection and perform any needed adjustments as your car ages. 

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Delaying oil change service can result in irreparable damage to your Hyundai. Let us provide the best possible service for you Hyundai.

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