Featured Testimonials:

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  So many people write emails and letter when there are complaints, so I wanted to send one of thanks.  You and your team were absolutely wonderful and went above-and-beyond to make sure my issue was resolved and I went home happy!

I also wanted to let you know how exceptional your team is.  Shawn Parton was my Service Rep and was wonderful from start to finish.  He answered all my calls, called me back on numerous occasions,  responded to all my e-mails (and there were ALOT!), and even called the software company on my behalf to make sure they worked with me in resolving the issue.  The two technicians who were involved with my issue, Mike, and Jeff, spent alot of time in my vehicle and with me, on two separate occasions, trying to get the Nav back to where it was.

Then you stepped in, listened to my situation, and authorized the final repair.

I am coming in this Saturday (1/17) for maintenance on my vehicle (Winter Maintenance Pkg, Inspection, etc).  I could have gone anywhere else for this service, but will continue to come back to Atlantic because of you and your team.

I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to you and your team for listening to my issues and responding with care and concern, and making sure the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.  I will be buying my next car from Atlantic Nissan because of the wonderful care I received from you, Shawn, and the rest of your team.  Thanks again!!!

Loretta Lazrovitch

I am writing to you to highlight the rarely seen at this high level, exemplary customer service and work ethic of Richie, the Express Writer for your service center dealership. It was not only the attentiveness and service he provided to me, but I had the opportunity to observe him working with two other customers in the waiting room. One elderly woman in particular i was struck by how patient and how much time he took to explain, on blended knee to this elderly customer of yours and the tone and patients he displayed.

I am a Director of a department of 18 that services the public as well and all 18 of my staff, including my 3 Associate Director supervisors could all benefit from a customer service training from Richie. I wish my staff had 1/2 of the customer service ethic that Richie exhibited when I came in today or had someone like him on my staff. He deserves a raise or recognition of some type. You should be aware when you have someone of this caliber on your staff. Congratulations on making such a fantastic hiring decision when you hired him!

Regards and thank you to Richie,
Gary Lupinacci
1 time purchaser/owner and 1 time leaser customer of Atlantic Hyundai/Nissan

I just bought a car from Atlantic Hyundai over the weekend. I've spoken to many salesman over the past 6 months; different dealers from different towns. My best experience was with Atlantic Hyundai and even more so with "Sherif" who was the salesman who helped me. He not only gave me his undivided attention, but new the cars, new the features, worked with me within my budget. Was extremely polite, helpful, and friendly. The next time I buy a car I hope to buy one from him or at least someone who can be as helpful as he was.
Thank you,
Helaine Quintero