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Long Island, New York Lease Return Center


Atlantic Hyundai is Long Island's Lease Return Center. Regardless of where you purchased your vehicle will assist you with the termination of your lease and advise you on all the best options and answer all your questions and concerns, quickly, conveniently, and best of all hassle free.

What are all my options and what is my next step?

Option 1: Lease or Purchase A New Atlantic Hyundai

This option is very convenient and easy. We will go over all inspection information, wear and tear, repairs, and any other manufacturer charges. Then just turn in your vehicle and drive off in a brand-new Atlantic Hyundai, with its new design, technology, and safety features.

Why Lease Your Next Vehicle?

Leasing is an option that all drivers should consider. Depending on your wants and needs, a lease could be a superior option to purchasing a new or used vehicle. These are some of the biggest advantages of leasing:

·         Lower your payment each month and possibly avoid a down payment.

·         Drive a car that you could not afford to purchase outright.

·         Minimize the cost of repairs with a factory warranty.

·         Drive something new after just a few years.

·         Avoid the hassle of a trade-in vehicle.


Option 2: Purchase Your Current Lease

If you have decided to purchase your current leased vehicle, our experts will help the buy-out process and go over all the financing options.

Option 3: Return Your Leased Vehicle

Let our experts help you with all the paperwork and inspections. They will go over all final costs and what to expect next and provide you other vehicle options, such as certified, pre-owned and financing.


Atlantic Hyundai is here to go over all your options and answer your questions.

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