Roxannie Rodriguez will serve as Miss Latina LI ‘16-’17 and serve as a new spokesperson for the Latino Community.

Thursday, January 12th
12 noon 
Atlantic Auto Mall. 193 Sunrise Highway North Service Road West Islip, NY

WHAT: The newly crowned Miss Latina LI, Roxannie Rodriguez, will be presented with a new car, courtesy of the Atlantic Hyundai. Roxannie will use this new mode of transportation to be a stand out spokesperson for the local Latino community in all of her philanthropic endeavors throughout the year.

WHY: Roxannie Rodriguez was born August 19th in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. At the age of nine she moved to Dominican Republic, where her parents are originally from. When she turned 15 she decided to take a trip to the United States during her summer school vacation, obviously planning on going back after her vacation was over, but she loved the country so much that she ended up staying to go to school for a year without knowing one word of English. That year turned into many more because she never went back until three years ago. Roxannie saw this country as a big opportunity to make her dreams happen. One great example of this has been Miss Latina Long Island. Roxannie decided to join Miss Latina Long Island to be able to represent and inspire women from the Latino community and make them proud. She also joined Miss Latina Long Island to overcome her own fears and show the world that anything is possible if you work for it.

Roxannie is a very humble young woman who enjoys the simple things in life like spending quality time with her friends and family and putting a smile on people's faces. She's also very active and enjoys the gym and outdoor activities, as well as visiting her country Dominican Republic where she likes to work with charities and help the community out there as well. During the Holiday Season on December 23rd Roxannie helped the community of Don Gregorio, in Dominican Republic by giving away bags of food to the people so they would be able to eat dinner December 24th. Also, January 9th Roxannie worked with another charity where she helped by giving away toys to the kids less fortunate and played and spent time with them. This is something that truly fills her heart and she's looking forward to continue doing this year. As the new spoke person of the Latino Community Roxannie is very excited to represent them this year and can't wait to see what's in store and make a difference in this world.

WHEN: Wednesday January 12th, 2017 @ 12 noon.
WHERE: Atlantic Auto Mall. 193 Sunrise Highway North Service Road West Islip, NY

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